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Our visitors often tell us that they 'feel' what we are like just by reading our website and our emails to them and they fully understand it the moment they enter our world to become part of it. We live a simple life driven by our passion for what we do. Every visitor is a friend in making and every moment is special to us as well as to our clients.  We believe everything we have done in our lives has led us to being where we are and doing what we do.  

This is what we promise you...


Paying it forward  

Our number one intention is that you gain through the experience, learn through the support, and take the intention to pay forward that benefit in life.

Your relationship with St George’s School of English will be a fun one. You’ll find the staff friendly and helpful, and the environment you’ll be part of will be engaging, inspiring and safe. You’ll know that you are both valued and that support is available to you.


You’ll find that your support team will listen to you, be reactive to requirements, and WILL act on and deliver what they promise.


Whatever your interaction with the team at St George’s, you can expect full dedication to high standards and a genuine willingness to assist you to the best of our abilities.


‘Not my job’ isn’t in our working dictionary… the team is serious about creating happiness in our clients, and you’ll feel the energy in their efforts to do so.


We embrace cultural variety whole-heartedly. Each person is unique and appreciated. Their culture is worthy of celebration. We believe that host families and students gain in life through experiencing friendship without boundaries.


For those who come to visit, we’ll be your family away from home.


We encourage you to share your experiences openly and honestly, and we commit to develop every day in response to valued feedback.

You will find that communicating with us is based on three words only – clarity, efficiency, and caring.


Is there something else you would like to know?  Contact us.n



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