1.    Once a course has been selected, the enrolment form is completed and sent to us. Indicate clearly student requirements – course, length of stay, host family, transfer from airport, insurance, etc.
2.    An invoice for the payment instructions are sent to you and the required deposit of £50 or the full amount of your invoice is transferred to St George’s Bank Account. 

3.    The online payment link for PayToStudy (bank transfer and card payments) will be included in the payment instructions. 




1.    St George’s School of English will issue an invoice which must be paid into our bank account not less than three weeks before the commencement of the course. 
2.    We accept payments directly in the Sterling bank account, Euro account, cash or secure online payment. Please note that customer bank charges may apply depending on the means of pay.  Click here to read the payment instructions for PayToStudy.
3.    Once we have received payment in full, we will issue a confirmation of enrolment (invitation letter where appropriate).
4.    Please note that all bank and foreign exchange charges must be paid by the student or agent.



1.    Fees include assessment test at the beginning of the programme, tuition as specified by the course chosen, individual report (if studying for 2 weeks and longer), school diploma. 
2.    We do not accept responsibility for extra charges incurred due to third party’s services (i.e. accommodation, flights, social programme admission charges, transfer costs etc.)
3.    In the case of failed receipt of visa, the cancellation policy applies.
4.    We do not take responsibility for loss or theft of belonging. 

5.    The school reserves the right to withdraw and/or withhold services (such as accommodation, course, etc. ) where the rules, regulations and policies of the school have been breached.

6.    In case of a breach of rules, regulations and policies of the school the person/agent receiving the services may incur further administration and/or service charges.

7.    Students and agents must ensure that each student has adequate insurance to cover special course programmes like work experience, health accident, injury, theft of personal property and cancellations.

8.    No refunds will be made for absences.  

9.    No refund will be made for days missed during the course / late arrival / early departure / public holidays.
10.  The school is closed on public holidays.




1.    All cancellations must be made in writing. The cancellation date will be the date on which the school receives the written cancellation. 
2.    The enrolment fee is not refundable or transferable to another person.

3.    The study programme fees are not transferable to another person.
4.    Accommodation fees: Where the school receives a written cancellation more than 3 weeks prior to arrival date – cancellation fee of £50 (deposit) will be retained and full refund of all other fees will be refunded (the amount refunded and received will depend on the exchange rate if applicable and the bank charges to send the refund back which the customer will be responsible for).
Tuition and other fees: 
      A) Notice of less than 21 days prior to arrival date (i.e. calculate as arrival date at your host family or the tuition start if no host family was booked       as a service less 21 days) or before the commencement of the course then the school will retain 25% of the tuition fee and 2 weeks host family           accommodation charges.  Other fees will be refunded.
      B) Notice of less than 14 days prior to arrival date (i.e. calculate as arrival date at your host family or the tuition start if no host family was booked       as a service less 14 days) or before the commencement of the course then the school will retain 100% of the fees.  
5.  There will be no refund if a student fails to complete the programme. 
6.  There will be no refund for students who change from Intensive or Business English to Standard Course. 
7.   Where a visa has been refused, we will refund the fees less the deposit and bank charges on receipt of evidence of the visa refusal letter.      
8.   If the intended commencement date of the study programme is delayed due to visa problems or other problems preventing you from travelling, we will not adjust your tuition or accommodation end date and no refund will be given. 





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