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Make this summer a special one.  Combine learning with a great holiday in our sunny Worthing - a safe location away from big busy cities and within easy reach of all airports and London.  The sunniest location and our glorious beach guarantees a perfect holiday feel.  


Perfect for the little bright minds. Suitable for the whole family.



Start dates: July and August

Levels: all levels

Weekly tuition: Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 12.20

Duration: 2 weeks



Contact us for personalised quotation.

Social activities are available as extra. Click here to view an example of the social programme for summer.

(all prices include  registration fee)

click here to contact us for prices and course packages for families



Watch our latest summer video 'Summer 2018'.  
'Summer 2019' video coming soon!




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The things you need to know...


Age 12 to 17 years old 


Interactive lessons with focus on communication and vocabulary - as young children absorb new words in English really quickly, we focus your child's learning on giving them the best tools to effectively and confidently express themselves, thus increasing their confidence even more. 

The lessons are designed around the four areas of the English language study: speaking, listening, writing and reading.  

The emphasis is placed on the communication skills and buidling their vocabulary to provide them with tools for effective communication.


The content is lively, structured, age appropriate and very active - children love learning but do not have a long attention span so to ensure we keep the interest and attention of your children we designed a wide variety of short tasks in different environments (class, our school garden, student room, beach, museum, supermarket etc. to stimulate their active learning and create a long term memory association with the vocabulary.  All places are directly at school or are very close to school so we do not waste your child's lesson time.  All under continuous supervision of our teachers of course.  


Totally tailored - whether your child is adventorous and outspoken, sociable and imaginative, orderly and shy, or thoughtful and attentive we will match our methods to their character type and their learning style to make sure they love every minute of their lessons and we build their motivation to want more.  


Accommodation - can be provided for children and parents. Host family accommodation or B&B are the usual choices, however feel free to check out the AirB&B options too. Accommodation in host families includes breakfast, packed lunch and hot dinner. Contact us with your questions or for more information.


Adult English courses for parents are available with the same timetable and in the same building so you can catch up with your children during the same breaks.

What do you and your child get by having lessons with us? 

✓ With all that fun your child won't even realise they are learning.  Our individual lessons, two to one or very small groups enable the teacher to adapt the content to your child's abilities, likes or hobbies and create an association which allows your child to learn with interest, at their own pace and with a long term association to what they learn.  Your child will soak the knowledge up and impress you with their new words and expressions with a proud smile on their face, wanting and ready to learn more.  


 Your child will feel safe to open up and participate without fear or embarrasment in the small class size environment we create, where trust between them and their teacher facilitates their own space in which they can be themselves, fully enjoy and engage in the language and fun activities they do, resulting in the maximum learning experience and confidence building.  It is this confidence you as a parent can build up on and use to continue encouraging your child's future learning.  


✓ A range of teaching methods applied provide your child with a variety of learning environments which allow for creating deep associations between the language of that place and their memory.  Involving all their senses in learning makes their new knowlege stick and creates focus.

Your child will strive under these conditions and their motivation will last long after they left us, motivation that will drive her or him to want to learn more in the future.  Learning English becomes a welcome adventure for them. 

Ready to get started?


1. Let us know which week do you want to book (you can book one week or both weeks)


2. Let us know if you want us to provide a course for you as well as your child / children


3. Let us know if you want us to provide a host family accommodation for you and your children or let us know if you would like us to book one of our recommended B&Bs or hotels in our area.  (Prices based on each B&B or a hotel plus a booking fee)


4. Let us know if you wish to book any of the excursions or activities


5. Any questions?  We are here to help so just drop us an email :-)

Raffaella from Italy

Raffaella from Italy

"Perfect team of people in the office, perfect teachers and perfect host families. I love bringing my family here every year."

Matthias from Germany

Matthias from Germany

"I enjoyed the lessons a lot; we played lots of funny games to help with our English."

Saskia from Austria

Saskia from Austria

"The course contained various topics, different everyday teaching, useful grammar structures. The teacher was very patient with the students and everyone enjoyed their lessons. The small number of students in each classroom made the lessons great with a personal approach. A great programme for just a 2 week trip. Our students simply loved it!"

Jitka from Czech Republic

Jitka from Czech Republic

"Learning English here is so much fun."

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