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Home away from home...


There is a great choice of accommodation options in Worthing. Homestay, hotels, B&Bs, AirB&B - the choice is yours...

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"The lady was really lovely, friendly and talked to us a lot.  She offered us tea every evening and watched TV with us.  She is very clever and told us lots of stories about England.
Did I enjoy my stay?  Absolutely!"

-D from Czech Republic -


"We  had awsome meals. I think they must have been all English because I have never seen them before.  They were all delicious!  We always had something tasty in our snacks too."

- Z from Slovakia -


"What did I like most about my family? Their humour.  It was a very friendly and funny family.  I would 100% recommend them."

- J from Czech Republic


"The house wasn't the biggest but everyone had lots of space. And our room was so comfortable. Especially the beds!!!"

- K from Germany -


"Very friendly people, they were laughing all the time so we just couldn't be sad."

- S from Austria - 

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"The support of the school is amazing – the staff are so lovely and friendly."

-Mrs. C.-


"The support is fantastic. They are always there to help and you become important to them. They listen to you and treat you like a family member."

-Mrs. K.-


"I am proud of the fact that other people’s children are looked after and welcomed into our home."

-Mrs. C.-


"School has a good involvement with the students timings, communication, and advance preparations for outings."

-Mr. & Mrs. B.-


"What we enjoy most? Meeting new people and hearing their stories from home.  Eating at meal times is always a great time for conversations and funny stories.  My children like the chocolates (gifts). Xx "

-Mrs. H.-

Family Portrait


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Want to become a host family and host international students?


Guest Bedroom

✔ Welcoming and caring families

✔ Within walking distance

✔ Regularly inspected and background checked

✔ Single, twin, triple or quadruple (limited) rooms


The moment our students arrive they are surrounded by English culture.  Our caring host families provide a warm welcome and a home away from home for all our students.  It is a chance both for the families and students to meet new people, learn about different cultures and have fun. 


Hosting students is not a job. It is a valuable service our host families are proud of.  



Croissants and Jam

Worthing offers a great choice of beautiful seaside B&Bs where friendly and helpful service is part of the package. 

Start your day with an enjoyable breakfast and take stroll on the promenade before you start your busy day. 

✔ Range of excellent B&Bs in the town centre and on the seafront

✔ Within walking distance

✔ Single, twin or double rooms



Luxury Hotel Spa Collection

Traditional or modern, there is a great choice of hotels only a throw-stone from the beach. Choose from the rooms of all sizes, with or without breakfast and at different prices to suit your budget. 


✔ Range of excellent hotels near the sea

✔ Within walking distance

✔ Single, twin or double rooms


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