• Silvia Krivosik

7 reasons to learn English in a classroom

Many people ask "Why go to school?" There are so many online opportunities to learn English these days and yet you feel like you are not quite progressing, the satisfaction is not there and your motivation is fading?

Let me tell you that over the past 20 years of teaching over 60,000 students, we have heard all the reasons why it is so hard to remain focused when you learn on your own. You start off full of enthusiasm but the novelty of learning wears off and you start dreading the experience. These are the usual dilemmas of those who have the desire and need to learn English but cannot find the motivation or the best way of learning for them.

Here are 7 reasons why learning in a classroom could be exactly what you need.

1. Motivation We all have dreams of learning something new, learning English as a second language or just simply improving the English language level we already have. We start full of enthusiasm and find that after a few days, weeks or months our motivation has dissipated. What brought us excitement at the beginning has become a dread we try to avoid. In a traditional class set up you feel continuous commitment, your English class is part of your schedule and your English teacher is there to keep you motivated, push you for the right reasons and keep you on track to achieve your goal.

2. Faster progress

Did you know that by immersing yourself into the English speaking environment you learn seven times faster than in a traditional setting? The reason for this is simple, your body and mind works in a kind of 'survival state' when learning using all senses.

3. Instant feedback

When learning English it is important to know you are learning it right, that you are being understood. If your peers do not understand your English expressions you will know immediately. During English lessons your teacher is there to guide you by correcting your English, helping you choose appropriate language, vocabulary and the tone of expression.

4. Deeper understanding and recall

Being part of an English language class makes you remember what you learnt 3 times better than when using other learning methods. Why? The reasons are simple. You get mentally ready to receive before you come to your class so your mind is already tuned in and ready to absorb new things. You experience the joy of learning and the thrill of being able to really use the language in a practical way; and being present helps you recall what you learnt.

5. Practical English

As well as working on the ‘tools’ of the language: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc. you also get to practice real- life scenarios through different methods such as role plays, debates, interviews, verbal presentations etc. You apply what you learn resulting in positive outcomes and as a result enjoying the experience of use for longer, thus increasing the value of learning for yourself.

6. International English and accents

Many people choose to learn their English from books written in the USA. We can spot these simply by their accent. The main difference between British and American English is the accent (plus spelling of some of the words). In our area people use what they call 'the Queen's English', which is the clearest English accent out there. At the same time a lot of your conversations at work and on your travels will be with non-native speakers, whose different accents you have to get used to. In class you have the perfect opportunity to become familiar with various accents such as Spanish, French, Italian etc.

7. Learning is fun

"Learning is not fun", I hear you cry! Well, you might be surprised to find out that by being part of a group you will find it more relaxing and easier to learn. Learning in a classroom environment and interacting with your peers brings the language alive – it won’t feel like work. Making new international friends through English will give you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction; and keeping in touch with them after your course will motivate you to continue using your English actively. If you come and study in an English -speaking country, you have the added benefit of socialising with your friends outside class as well.

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