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  • Dominika Strbova

My Work Experience in England. Real stories (English Language Course and Work Experience).

I came to Worthing in England for my work experience and my expectations were mixed. I definitely expected bad weather as England is known for lots of rain. The weather was unpredictable due to its usual changes, but we had some nice sunny days as well. I imagined Worthing to be a tiny town, so I was surprised by its size because it’s bigger than what I thought. It has a beautiful pebble beach with a lovely pier and many little shops with various products and cute cafes which were perfect for meeting with friends.

To my surprise, many older people live there as well. They are very kind and nice people who I had plenty of conversations with so I had another chance for improving my English and making friends with local English people. I knew I would live with a host family during my stay and the experience I had with them was beyond my expectations. I became a part of their family so I felt like at home. I got to experience what it is like to live in a typical British family. They very very kind and lovely people. I tried typical meals for this country, we talked a lot which helped my English and we had lots of fun.

I saw pictures of school on their page and it was nice to see where I was going to study. The school is a nice building and I really enjoyed the soul of the building. The staff that works at the school is one lovely group of people who are fun to be around with. They are more than willing to help with anything, they are really friendly, nice and fun people. I had many conversations with them and all the conversations included lots of laugher. They take part in after school activities, so you don’t feel like they only deal with you because they have because it's their job. You can see and feel it that they love and enjoy what they do. Their awesome attitude is a game changer to the whole experience. We also had many options for our social program which included sightseeing in Worthing, it's surrounding, other towns such as Brighton, Arundel, London and a lot more.

My expectations for the whole school process were that I would improve my English and that the teachers would be very strict, however, it was something different and a lot better than what I expected! We had lots of fun with teachers, they were open minded and cared about our needs. Personally, I feel like we covered a lot during our lessons than I was used to from my country. we covered grammar, writing, listening and conversations on different topics so we learned a lot of things. I enjoyed my lessons a lot and it had big benefits towards my English.

I think I didn’t have to take so many black clothes for my work experience because we were allowed to were normal or even colourful clothes, however, I wish I packed more warm clothes for the changing weather. But it doesn’t change the fact, that it just gave me more opportunities to try my English when I went shopping for more clothes. I felt like I was talking and improving my English all the time.

My work experience was great. I was so nervous at first but the manager was very patient with me. Every day she would show me new things to learn. The working atmosphere was very friendly so it was easy to learn. I really liked talking to customers and learning about the business. In our morning lessons we learnt a lot about how business is done in England an we prepared some questions for the people who worked there. It was great to see it in real environment. My friends and I talked about what we learnt during our work time and we all had a great time during our work experience. It made me think more about what I want to be when I finish my studies. I really miss all the new situations I experienced.

Overall, I really enjoyed the whole stay in England from experiencing their culture, learning and improving my English, making new friends and the work experience which I will cherish for the rest of my life. People in England really are so friendly, they are always willing to talk and they are so easy to talk to.

I am sure, that in the future I will be more than happy to come back to Worthing to meet with my new friends and visit St. George’s School of English. I can’t wait to be in this friendly and awesome environment again

Dominika, Slovakia

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