• Anna Costa

My English Study in England. Real Stories (General English for adults).

When you have a great level of English, you are more attractive for your potential future employers and that’s the reason why I’ve decided to go to England to perfect my English. I’ve been thinking about stepping up at my work and this would be a great help. The problem was that I do not have a lot of free time from my busy work to study at home and after some articles I decided that the quickest way will be to take some time and study in England. Once I set my mind to this decision, I went online and started searching for English schools and I came across St George’s School of English. The school had greats reviews so I decided to contact them and suddenly I appeared in England.

Communication with the school since I was back at home was outstanding. They answered every question I had if I still wasn’t sure about something, they reassured me. Their support with my decisions and professionalism they have while being friendly and opened is something special. They are a great, organized and welcoming team and the reality when I came there wasn’t different from the previous interactions at all.

Classes were very clear and helped to pick up the language really quick. Teachers were friendly and funny so it didn’t feel like studying at all. Every aspect of English was covered and they were also willing to meet up after school for a coffee and talk in order to help with English and just chat as friends.

Staying with a family turned out to be a blast and helpful with diving into the British culture to the full. We had a lot in common for our conversations since we all have our families. Experiencing British cuisine was an experience you don’t have every day so I enjoyed as much as possible.

Worthing has a perfect location, safe neighborhood with friendly people and the advantage of this town is, that it’s not so overcrowded just like London, Brighton or Bournemouth. The surroundings of the town have a lot to offer. Beautiful beach, nice towns with a lot of different activities, little cafes which mean many opportunities to talk with people and practice your English, because that’s what you are in England for.

Anna Costa, Italy.

If you need to improve your English fast why not contact us? We can help with whatever aspect of English language you need to improve. Why not book intensive English course to maximise your learning, or choose our general English course and top up with one to one for convenience and a more focused study. Click here to contact us now. The whole experience was something I will cherish for the rest of my life. My English improve the way that I didn’t think was possible. My level of English got higher, I feel more confident in every way of using my English and as a bonus, I made many friends from around the world. I will definitely want to come back again!

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