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Making friends, not sales.

In our recent blog entry 'How does a good school become the best?' we described what led us to our working with a business coach. Last week as part of our coaching we got to be part of something very special, one of the largest business forums called Business Excellence Forum. This event hosted 840 successful businesses and was run by the global leading coaching company ActionCoach. We met and learnt from amazing people like Brad Sugars, Frank Dick, Sir Terry Matthews, Paul Dunn, Allan Pease and James Sinclair. Speaking in person with Paul Dunn (picture below on the right), the 4 times TEDx speaker, who founded the Results Corporation and was recently featured by Forbes magazine alongside Sir Richard Branson was just one of the highlights of our business conference. We came back with great ideas and practical steps to make our clients' experience with us even more memorable. Ideas our clients will appreciate and truly enjoy.

Why do we want to learn from the best?

Our mission in life is to pay a favour once given to us forward and inspire students through our education. By inspiring and educating we create a family, an open minded global community which leaves a positive 'footprint' in this world.

We provide our clients with a friendly approach, full support throughout their stay, innovative practices leading to positive experiences and professional, precise and timely communication. Our daily work is all about doing small things with great love for our clients. It is about making sure that every student feels welcome, inspired and educated and get to experience the best of English culture. Educating ourselves is very much part of this process. It is our clients who reap the benefit of our leading practices and our strong customer commitment.

Whether you are a student, agent or a leader thinking of coming or sending students to St. George's you know that you would be working with a school that is totally committed to providing the best customer service.

Learn about our products and practices and find out what makes us so different from the rest of the language trip organisers. Click here to contact us today.

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