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How to use YouTube to improve your English in a FUN way. #StudyTips from a student.

Hi, its me Nathalie. I want to help you with learning English in a fun way. How? By watching YouTube videos. If you read my previous article 3 Tips on How to Make Studying English FUN. #StudyTips from a student. where I talk about other tips on how to improve your English language skills whilst enjoying the process. Now I will show you couple of my favourite YouTube channels to watch in your free time. I did divide some of them to categories. Enjoy!

First category – Travelling:

  • JacksGap – it’s a boy. It’s a boy that has a twin brother. Two boys. And they are twins. They took a gap year at the end of their college. Their gap year became a little bit longer than a year and now they are professionals in video art. They basically travel around the world and make really high quality videos of their travels. I learned a lot from these two boys. And it is a pleasure to look at them, too ;)

  • CaseyNeistat – he is basically a god of video blogs. I put him in a travelling category, because he travels occasionally but most of his time he spent at home. And that home is New York. Yes, what else I can say. Just that you will definitely enjoy his way of making videos. There are lot of videos that are pretty inspiring as well. And this man has its mind right for sure. Definetily one of my favourites.

  • FunForLouis – I found this man recently and he is definitely staying on my list of travel youtubers. He is currently doing videos in Africa, Sierra Leone and exploring the areas covered in ebola. Before, he travelled around America in a very old camper van called Wonderwagon. Very interesting way of showing the world for sure.

  • MrBenBrown – Ben lives in Cape Town, Africa. But even that he lives in such an interesting country and interesting town, he travels a lot around the world. He was on a trip in America with FunForLouis as well and before he had been planting trees in the middle of nowhere with charitative organization. What else can I say? He is really awesome. Definitely check him out.

  • Vagabrothers – I found them like a week ago and I love them already. Really high quality videos that are accompanied with a interesting commentary that can also teach you a lot about countries they travel around.

Second category – Fashion, beauty and makeup:

  • Mimi Ikonn – she is basically ma role model in every aspect, mostly in personality. She lives in London with her husband, Alex. She makes videos also about travelling, about hair on her second channel Luxy Hair and also about lifestyle and makeup. You will definitely enjoy her speaking and also she has the enormous power to keep you motivated no matter what you are doing. She is just perfect.

  • Estee Lalonde – she was once called Essie Button. She has a brilliant sense of humour that fits me well and also, she doesn’t act so serious about everything and that is the main thing to watch a video that is not very serious at the end of the day. She also lives in London as Mimi.

  • Zoella – she lives in Brighton and she is really popular amongst the British YouTube community. Sometimes Im not in a mood for her videos and sometimes I am. It really does depend on the type of her video. But don’t miss her out.

  • Chriselle Lim – she is basically my trendsetter. She makes really different videos than you would expect and that’s what I like about her the most. Pure originality.

  • Clothesencounters – she lives in Los Angeles and makes the most casual videos where you can relax completely and just listen to her voice. She is really nice, kind and I must say that she has her own style.

  • SoothingSista – she is one of the best friends of clothesencounters and you can really see that they are a little bit similar but at the same time different. Definitely check her out, too.

  • Allie Marie Evans – she used to be a high fashion model but decided to quit and now, she is enjoying doing YouTube videos. Some of her videos are very nice some of them not. Depends on what you enjoy watching.

  • Ingrid Nilsen – she is the kindest person, really. Her videos are full of positivity and happiness.

  • TheLineUp – two young student friends that have nice kind of style.

Third category – healthy lifestyle, food, cooking and similar:

  • Holistichabits – first must be the best, right? This girl is one of my favourite YouTubers. She is so compasionate and kind. The positive energy shines through all her videos.

  • Bonnyrebecca, essena oneil, mr and mrs vegan – these three account are about vegan lifestyle. And even if you are not interested in vegan diet, you can find a lot of interesting recipes.

  • Emmymadeinjapan – very popular girl that tastes everything that is possible from all around the world. Most likely fans will send her a package full of deliciousness and she tastes it. Have a look if she tries something from your country. ;)

Fourth category – photography:

  • Jessica kobeissi – she is my most favourite photographer in the whole world. Her photo tutorials are very casual and friendly.

I hope you find this useful. Enjoy improving your English whilst having FUN.

Nathalie :-)

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