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'How does a good school become the best?'

We are doing well in our business, and have always provided and are continuing to provide a good service. Our service is being enjoyed by many clients across the globe with whom we had developed long term trusted, solid and respected relationships.

Our intention is to inspire even more students and serve more clients and agents. Many are still unaware of our existence or had not yet trialled our services directly so we embarked on getting our message out there positively and create some interest as well as a willingness to give us the opportunity to prove our real value and difference.

The question became, ”how do I connect in a way which is professional, respectful but also different enough to grab their attention.”

We need to avoid just being perceived as another school making yet another standard contact with an agent!

As a school we offer something genuinely better and different to our competitors, and we want to be recognised as the very best in our industry as well as just becoming that. The best in the world hidden away from sight is a problem!

… so we thought… what do the good do when they want to be the best?

In any other sector (sports, career, health and so on) there are mentors and coaches who help people perform to their best. So we raised the bar and got a mentor of our own. We have now been working with a business coach to help us become the best of what we can be, truly professional and different in all aspects thus enhancing the experience of our clients even more - deliver the very best in the industry. The very best and what it means in the context of foreign language training, visitor support, and all the other elements which our clients want from us.

Watch Silvia talk about how they 'took the bull by its horns' by working with Tim Rylatt, a business coach from ActionCOACH.

The really interesting part for YOU is that we have been working very hard on being the simplest to deal with, best value, and most effectively professional school for clients and agents to deal with.

In looking at that last topic, we uncovered a whole range of headaches that clients and agents deal with day to day, and absolutely hate about the regular approach to managing students' and teachers’ experiences whilst they are planning for, travelling, and visiting the countries they travel to for language training and support. The outcome of that research and revelation was a dramatic adjustment of how we support our clients and agents in their own journey. How to attract clients, how to inspire them to visit certain destinations, and how they can enjoy a properly supportive service from the location teams when they are abroad. Each of these problems has been put under the microscope and a strategy put in place and systemised to minimise those challenges and avoid the repetition as much as is humanly possible.

We are serious in our desire to be the ‘go to school’ for agents, and we look forward to proving that when allowed the opportunity!

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