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7 Reasons you should study while being an Au Pair in England

Many young people choose to come to the UK to become Au Pairs and they all have different reasons for doing so. Whether it is the economic climate of your country, or just wanting to immerse yourself in another way of life, or to get to know the culture and the language. Whatever the reason, you should always consider taking a language course while you are working as an Au Pair. Here are 7 reasons why.

1. It's the best way to get a qualification recognised worldwide and valid for life

As an Au Pair you live with a family and your role is to help out with children. In exchange the family provides your lodging, food and pocket money. The main purpose of the Au Pair scheme is however to offer an opportunity to learn the language. Having the security of a job and the pay you can focus on your own goals – your employment potential when you return back to your country. Taking a Cambridge Examination is an excellent way of increasing your employability appeal by obtaining a qualification you can proudly state on your CV. Cambridge exams are recognised worldwide and they do not expire so once you have taken it you can make use of it time and time again. Have a look at more information about the exams. St. George's is proud to say that we have the highest score achievement in exam passes and our students enjoy great results.

Watch what do some of our AuPairs think about their progress at St. George's School of English.

2. It's the best way to find friends

What do you miss the most when you move to another country? Your family, friends, your close ones of course. Studying at school is the best and the quickest way to find friends whom you can share your studies and time with. You can help each other during your preparation time for your exam. It is often the case that students booked from one school end up doing the speaking exam together in pairs, so you have a great chance to practice your speaking together and help each other succeed.

3. Travelling and socialising with like-minded people

Exploring the country you are living in is a must for everyone. How could you give London or Brighton a miss? It is everyone's dream to see these cities and our students live just a stone-throw-away from them. There is nothing more exciting than having fun locally with your friends or experiencing the buzz of the prime English sightseeing locations first hand. But not to forget that there are many others. St. George's School of English organises trips to many different locations every weekend. So there is plenty of choice including Oxford, Cambridge, London musicals, Stonehenge, Bath, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and even more distant locations such as Edinburgh, Dublin and Paris - and much more. All of these at very special and heavily discounted prices for our students.

4. Cheapest way to study

Working as an Au Pair does not make you rich. But it does give you an opportunity to study as you earn. St. George's School of English have a very special price list for Au Pairs as we appreciate that finance is limited when you live on pocket money. Converting your pocket money into education (and qualification) that will give you a better chance of finding that dream job is a very fair trade, don't you think? I cannot tell you how many of our former Au Pair students are now running their own successful English language schools abroad, and that is just one example of great use of the investment you can make as an Au Pair - investment into your future. Us at St. George's are very passionate about maximising English language education and the opportunities it brings, and that is why we are the only school in Worthing offering cheap courses for Au Pairs.

5. Learn Queen's English and pronunciation

It is a well known fact that our region is the area with the clearest and most 'Queen's like' English accent. Learning English in Sussex equips you with the best chances of speaking proper English and using the right pronunciation. So, in a way, you become posh just by speaking it. :-)

6. Get support of the school

St. George's office staff (who welcome you at our reception) is composed mostly of people who came to St. George's as students themselves and some of them also worked as Au Pairs. So you know you will be supported and guided by people who want you to succeed and who understand the challenges foreigners go through when adapting to their new life in England. It is the first place we want you to go for any help and advice. We make it our job to make sure you are safe and enjoying your stay in England.

7. Work on your personal goals

Integrating yourself in the English culture by living with a family and in their country is certainly a very fast way to learn English. But don't forget to do something just for you whilst you are looking after their children and helping out. Sinking your teeth into studying will give you personal fulfilment, especially when you achieve a great result at the exam. You will feel satisfaction every time you can show your English languages skills off. And so you should!

Learning English and making most of your time in England are the goals we share. The whole purpose of educating yourself is to turn mirrors into windows of opportunities. Let us help!

Course information Our Au Pair courses run from September to June. Choose two, three, four or five mornings, for a period you feel comfortable with. Our lesson time from 09.30 to 12.40 suits most families so studying with us will not be a problem. All classes include preparation for Cambridge Exams. The exams take place during the first two weeks of March, June and December. Contact us now for more information and special Au Pair prices at or go to our contact page to send us a message.

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