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3 Tips on How to Make Studying English FUN. #StudyTips from a student.

It is true that most of your studying is done away from school by practice. And it is true that you are learning the most while you are actually enjoying it. As I am student myself and as I know that studying a language can be sometimes a bit boring, I was trying to find ways to make it more enjoyable for myself. I want to share these useful tips with you. Throughout the years I have been trying lots of apps for fun learning and reading articles on internet about how to improve my language. I am not saying that any of the tips I read about weren't useful, but it was far away from having fun. So I did it on my own.

And that’s how I get to know these simple and for me quite obvious ways how to improve your language without being bothered. And now, I am going to tell you all three of them. I am going to tell you how I improved my language. Nevertheless, the methods that worked for me doesn't have to work for everyone, but if you have the right attitude to really improve, then it will work for sure. :)

#StudyTip 1 - Watch videos. Simple, quick and so effective.

First tip of three would be the most fun one and that is – watch videos. Yes, it is actually that simple – you can basically just watch a video in the language you want to learn and that’s it. You are learning. I started by opening a YouTube page and writing to a search tool travelling videos and found lots of video blogs about different places in the world. Also, it worked with fashion, make-up, photography, science related videos. Probably every topic in the world that you can think of has a video. The other small change I did since I was watching YouTube was actually that I was watching videos , in my case in English language, related to biology classes, chemistry classes and possibly every other classes I took in my school and I was learning a new vocabulary on different topics in the language I was trying to learn properly. And it helped a lot. There is lots of other perks of watching videos besides learning a new vocabulary. You are as well improving your grammar by listening to the native speakers. As long as I started watching videos I got familiar with lots of phrasal verbs, grammar and I learned some phrases that only native speakers use. Since I started watching YouTube, my grades from language classes improved. If you still don’t know how to find the right video I made a little list of my favourite YouTubers on different categories. You will find the article by clicking here. To get more idea about useful and interesting videos to watch read my next article How to use YouTube to improve your English in a FUN way. #StudyTips from a student.

#StudyTip 2 - Read. Stretch and stimulate your mind.

Second tip of three is for bibliophiles and that is obviously to read a lot in the language you are trying to learn. It is commonly known that when you read you stimulate your brain in a positive way, you relax your body and you are able to forget about adult world problems and just live in a story for a while. And it works the same if you read your favourite book in foreign language as well. So if you are ambitious enough from now on promise yourself to read at least one book a year in foreign language. And no excuses that you don’t enjoy the book because you don’t have the vocabulary, because you can always find an easier versions of books for beginners.

#StudyTip 3 - Speak and write. Without worrying about your grammar mistakes.

Third tip of three is really an optional one, but for me it worked the most and it is, that I recommend you either speak with a native person or write about anything that you are keen on in language you are trying to learn without worrying about grammar and anything else. While your language is improving you will once write or say a sentence without a misspell and wrong grammar, trust me. The main thing is that you really have to enjoy it and actually get yourself excited to write or speak. And also you cant be scared of being wrong. It doesn't matter if you say it or write it in a wrong grammar – when you speak the person that is listening to you will most likely correct you or you will improve yourself in a matter of time. And always remember to ask a lot of questions to get the conversation going. And about that writing I mentioned. I usually once in a while when I was in a mood of writing, wrote at least one A4 page about any topic that was interesting for me. If you really care about the structure of the article I recommend doing a plan of the structure first and then do the writing to avoid getting confused in the process. Also, I used to write my favourite recipes in different language, and now I can prepare pancakes with French ingredients. What a fun way of learning new words, right? :)

Looking at this article, I see something very familiar. Four simple steps: listening, reading, speaking and writing. I bet you already knew these but didn't think of them in a fun way, right? I hope that I helped you, even if you pick up just one of these simple tips your language will surely improve. And don’t forget to look at the article about YouTube channels that might be interesting for you to watch.

You can find it here. So thanks for reading this article and see you soon. :)


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