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  • Rosie Hutton

How to Manage Fun in a Class - English Language Classes for Young Learners

At the end of each morning lesson I let the students play an English game. In doing this they got the chance to earn reward points exchanged for specific fun activities.

I found that the point system was very successful in controlling the majority

of my class, however there were two very disruptive boys who continued with this behaviour. I decided I would implement an additional technique to my point system. I created a list of 'People who are not going to London' and placed the names of the most disruptive students underneath. By doing so I raised the value of the 'take' part of the deal. I explained that if they can not follow instructions in the classroom it is not safe for them to go to London.

Both students immediately started to cooperate in class and showed no sign of bad behaviour. Their work improved dramatically and they went from two students who did not want to participate in activities to always having their hands up to answer questions. I praised them with positive feedback as they continued to cooperate and learn, and they went on the London trip.

The point system works very well with young learners as you can praise them for good behaviour and take points when they are not behaving. The value of these points must be very clear to students and must be equal to something they really want to happen or something they really want to obtain.

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