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English Courses

Want to learn English?

LEARN English in the sunniest part of England.

SPEAK English in the area of the clearest accent.

ACHIEVE your learning goals.



General and Intensive English Course

Practical English in small groups. Detailed level assessment. Goal setting and individual plan included. 


Junior Summer Vacation English Course and Summer Camp

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Interactive English in international groups with focus on speaking.  The goal of the course is to gain speaking confidence and English communication skills whilst making new international friends and unforgettable memories. 

Includes social programme. 
Term 1: 04.07.22 - 15.07.22
Term 2: 18.07.22 - 29.08.22
Term 3: 01.08.22 - 12.08.22

Professional English Courses

English language training for your professional life or career.  All lessons are intensive, dynamic, practical and skills-based. Our trainers are very experienced and have practical corporate background.

The content is flexible and reflects your learning needs; the goal is to give you the skills and confidence to use English immediately and effectively in a wide variety of contexts.


Work Experience English Training

Learn English in class, and practise your skills on a work experience placement. You will work in a customer based industry with plenty of opportunities to put your English in practice. 


Individual English Course

One-to-one English lessons with a highly experienced teacher. 

Detailed goal setting and an individual plan. Intensive and dynamic lessons with use of varied methods. 


Extras and Add-on English lessons

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Fast progress course. Tailor your lesson content exactly and book as much as you need. Tailored to your exact needs.


We design and tailor courses for our clients depending on their needs so please contact us with any specific requirements you might have.


We use many different sources of information during our lessons and do not follow one book as many schools do.  This enables us to design all our lessons around what our students need and use the most appropriate course material for that purpose. 



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