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Information for Agents

Do you get nervous every time you are sending your client for their English language stay or their language trip? Do you fear the never ending phone calls from parents, unhappy students, complaints about care, lessons, accommodation.... Does this sound familiar? Let me tell you that it does not have to be that way!


St. George's has been welcoming thousands of clients from many agents across the world since the year 2000.  Our agents call us 'a peace of mind', because they know that they normally do not hear from their clients during their stay with us.   We do not have a magic formula may I add before you ask, we simply put our clients first and we love it!  Did you know that several members of our office team came to St. George's as students many years ago?  We understand the nervousness of the travel and the first meeting with the host family, the anxiety of adapting to all the new and strange around, new food, different living conditions and all this whilst trying to understand the language.   


Our efforts have been recognised at the Business Excellence Forum recently where St. George's was nominated for the Best Customer Service category.  Let us meet your clients with a smile, provide a warm welcome, comforting and friendly home away from home where communication is always open and heard.  For us our clients stay is never perfect until it is perfect and this is reflected in our values. Get to know us, click here to read what we stand for.  You can also view a brief presentation of all the main benefits you and your clients receive by booking with us.    


We strive to create the right combination of learning environment, warm hospitality and a perfect experience of English culture and its language for all our clients every time.  This is what brings so many of our clients and clients of our agents back year after year.  We live by our values. Click here to get to know about the code we operate under.  


Watch what our agents say about working with St. George's...

"very caring about their students..."
"family-like organisation..."
" we are not their customers, we are their friends..." 

How we help our agents and clients


Flexibility that attracts more clients - We are able to offer flexibility no other schools can. Our youngest students are as young as 4.  We offer a wider variety of quality courses for groups as well as individuals (or families) and a wider choice of content then most schools. We are able to customise our courses to match any requirements of your clients and this allows us to prevails where other organisers fail. 


Recognised for the best customer service - Our office staff came to St. George's as students themselves and they compassionately look after your clients to make sure they have a positive experience.  Your clients come first!  Always! 
(nominated for the best customer service at BEF in 2016)


Availability and accessibility - We appreciate that we would not be here without our clients.  We also know from our own experience as foreigners in England that the positive experience of our clients starts with great service and the attention we give.  This is why we spend more than 80% of our time on making sure the students, leaders, guides and agents are happy with all aspects of their stay.  Our dedicated 'social hour' every morning gives our clients a chance to talk to all the staff in a relaxed and informal environment of the student room away from the office.  


Fast solutions - All clients are under one roof which makes it easy for us to communicate daily to them and react to their concerns fast.  There is no waiting about their experience with us. 

We manage your clients expectations and their stay with us - We recognise that keeping your clients informed whilst providing useful tips creates the best start to their positive stay.  We created several guides to help your clients manage their travel and stay with us successfully before they even arrive.  Once they arrived it is all about communication, communication, communication... and that holiday feel  everyone loves. 


When numbers talk  37% of our clients return to us year after year and this number increases every year.

                                    97% of our clients state that the personality of St. George's is friendly and family-like 
                                    98% of our clients are happy to recommend St. George's to their friends and family.  

                                    Many of our past individual students have also become our agents and regularly bring or send their own clients to us, or recommend us                                             for their studies.

                                    Majority of our agents state that St. George's is their number one choice of school to send their own children and family members to. 

                                    Majority of our agents state that St. George's is a perfect school for the first time visitors


By offering St. George's our agents offer their clients the service and experience of...


Commitment to Quality

Top customer service and care for your clients at all times.  Personal contact with all clients, they are not numbers 

Multicultural office and administration team with experience of being a student

Only native English speaking teachers with varied industry and business qualifications, experience and degrees


Safe Holiday Location

Easy travel to Worthing (cost effective)

Safe and beautiful location everyone falls in love with (250 years old building in the town centre, only 5 minutes to the beach)
Award winning beach

Students are either pick up and dropped off by host families / or are placed within walking distance to school
Very peaceful and tranquil seaside town, close to all the main attractions.  One hour and 15 minutes from London, 15 minutes from Brighton, 1 hour to Portsmouth, and many others. 


Genuine English Experience

True English culture

Clearest English accent

Traditional English town with English culture


Great Value for Money

Competitive prices

Great variety of packages and products for all ages, all  year around, in one place

Easily tailored products to suit your clients

Different price brackets to offer your clients

Any teaching content can be covered i.e. general English, business, EU, Erasmus etc. 

We offer many optional products so your clients can choose exactly what they want and any extras if they wish to


Customer Service with Excellence Recognition
Top customer service and care for your clients at all times
Your clients always come first
We have designated members of staff to look after every aspect of your clients' stay

Our welcome and induction includes managing your clients' expectations to ensure their positive experience

Designaged time for all the staff to interact with clients outside of the office environment


Flexibility of our products and services to match exactly what your clients need
Flexibility of times, extending lessons or compressing them (i.e. 5 mornings worth of lessons into 4 so the clients can enjoy a day in London during the week etc.)

Flexibility of content i.e. specific topics, business English, work experience, exam preparation, Abitur, etc. 

Family programmes and courses: children courses while parents study 


Quality Assurance

Easily accessible, caring, well monitored and feedbacked host family accommodation (all host families are regularly inspected and vetted)
Continuous feedback mechanism and communication with leaders,  teachers and students



Our office is opened from 08.00 - 16.00 Mon-Fri

24 hour emergency number available at all times
Top customer service and care for your clients at all times

Multicultural office and administration team with experience of being a student

Only native English speaking teachers with varied industry and business qualifications, experience and degrees

Your clients do not loose a day of lessons (testing and lessons on the first day)

We are a business with Business Excellence recognition

True English culture

Clearest English accent


Exciting Places of Interest

Exciting summer programme options and excursions to the most popular destinations, for groups as well as individual students - an hour and twenty minutes from London, seventeen minutes from Brighton, two hours from Cambridge and Oxford and many more

Esily tailored programme and excursions

Experienced guides available and included in all activities of our comprehensive package




We appreciate that agents work hard to recruit and satisfy their clients.  We aim to help as much as we can and make your job as easy as it can be. This is why we are currently in the process of creating a secure site for our agents where they will be able to find useful marketing material, guides, industry tips and much more.  

Coming soon!



Ready to become an Agent?


1. Complete the contact form to register as an agent.  

2. We will contact you within 1 working day with all the information. 

3. We will answer all your questions, take you through the process

of working with us.

4. You are ready to offer our services to your clients.


For more information contact us using the contact form.  

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Josy from Germany

Josy from Germany

"Thank you for everything. I have learnt so much and made such a huge progress. With your help I have passed my test!"

Julia from Germany

Julia from Germany

"I want to say thank you for those great few weeks, for the excellent lessons and the fantastic atmosphere, which made me feel so comfortable. The school and my friends here were like a second family to me."

Christin from Austria

Christin from Austria

"I really want to say thank you for the great time I have spent here. I have been looking forward to school every morning. My English improved a lot and I am leaving you to become a teacher myself. Thank you for helping me get my 'A'!"

Leonie from Switzerland

Leonie from Switzerland

"Thank you very much for this great time. It was a pleasure to experience that school can be so much fun! I could not have passed my exam without your teaching and your support."

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