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General English Course


This course is designed for students who want to improve their overall level of English to communicate more fluently in any situation. 


Skills covered in this class are speaking, listening, reading and writing enabling you to improve your comprehenstion and communicate with confidence.  


We use a wide range of traditional classroom - based teaching techniques. 

The Benefits


Class size between 3 and 16 persons


Courses run Monday to Friday - join the classes when it suits your life and work schedule, we are here for you all year around (* closed for two weeks at Christmas)


Choose the format that suits you and your needs - we have the perfect solution for you: a choice of General English Course of 20 lessons per week, General Intensive English Course of 29 lessons per week, and additional one to one lessons in discounted packages of 5 or 10 (on their own or as an extra and in combination with any of our courses).   


Part time, full time - for part time we recommend 2 mornings per week as a minimum (*part time option is not available during the summer). 


Easy integration into your surroundings - a warm and informative welcome and induction given by a member of staff while you wait for your test to be corrected.  We want you to feel comfortable from the very first moment you join us. 


International classes - practice your English, communicate, interact and discuss topics with other students from different parts of the world.


Regular progress check and one to one consultation with your teacher - we are here to help you achieve your academic goals and ensure you are happy with the direction of your studies


Homework and self-study guidance - in the true sense of 'practice makes perfect' your teacher will ensure that you have the tools to fully comprehend what you learnt (*should you choose to)


All course material is provided - to ensure that we meet your learning goals we have a wide range of the most up to date material available and provide you with everything that you need. Our teachers use a mix of different formats and methods to ensure your learning style is catered for.  Extra material is always available on request.  


Suitable for all levels of English 


Opportunities to practice - learning comes naturally in an environment where you are surrounded by constant situations inspiring communication in English, from your communication with your hosts, teachers, staff, other students in the class and outside your class.  


Have you got any questions?  We have worked very hard to put together a useful information portal for our students so feel free to have a read, as this will answer most of your questions.  We are here to help with your questions, contact us

Start dates: Every Monday

Academic year dates: from 30.09.2019 to 29.05.2020 
Next academic year from 28.09.2020 to 25.05.2021

(contact us for information about July and August adult courses)


Format: Full time (Monday to Friday) / Part time optional, please contact us


Lessons per week: 

Option 1 - 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week (General English - GE20, Monday to Friday)

Optioni 2 - 30 lessons of 45 minutes per week (Intensive English - GE29) for full time (Monday to Friday)

Option 3 - one to one lessons available as part of a package or on their own, please contact us


Timetable: Monday to Friday, from 09.30 till 12.50 (4 lessons of 45 minutes per day with 20 minute break)


Location: St. George's Worthing located in the town centre


Levels: Beginners to advanced, please contact us


Duration: Minimum 1 week 


Price: see the price list


Your Free Time


Learning the language in England should not go without exploring the sights of English history and tradition, as well as learning about English culture. This is why we prepared a great choice of excursions to places you will love.    


St. George's offers a wide range of excursions for our students.  You have a chance to visit a different place every weekend at a great price only available to students, the main excursions include London, Brighton, Arundel, Chichester, Portsmouth, Lewes, Oxford, Windsor and Eton, Cambridge and Greenwich, Stonhenge and Bath, Isle of Wight, Statford Upon Avon, Leeds Castle and Canterbury.  London musicals, theme parks and Warner Bros. Studio Tour (Harry Potter) are also available.  Please see the choice of excursions available.  Consider booking your excursions in advance to secure your place.  All excursions are with a guide. 


We will inform you of any local activities and events too so you can enjoy being part of the local English life in Worthing and its surroundings.   


Click below to view some of the places you can visit. (Prices may vary, contact the school for more details). 


Settle for quality.  Our adult English Courses are designed to help you achieve a professional qualification level of English.  Many of our students choose to take their Cambridge Exam, IELTS or Trinity Exam whilst studying with us.  The continuous high results our students achieve in their exams has earned our school the title of the highest achieving school in our area!  You can be rest assured of the quality of our teaching, the results and the reviews of our clients speak for themselves. 


Focus on what you need.  Before you arrive we will ask you to complete a checklist and a goal sheet to ensure we meet your English language needs and design your lessons around your requirements and goals.   We will work on your goals with you and work towards not only achieving them, but exceeding them. 


Use every minute.  You will be included in the class straight after your test on your first day.  Unlike many schools where the first day is used for the registration and other related activities we appreciate you wish to maximise your time and studies with us hence we don't waste your first day either! Book as little or as much as you need, you can always book after your arrived and started studying with us already.  


Change as you go.  Different levels and content groups (i.e. Cambridge Exams, Professional English, Business English, Matura, Abitur, General English, ...) allow you to study with different personal and academic goals in mind.  Your progress is continuously monitored and this allows us to react to your changing needs and ambitions.  Our staff positively encourages students to progress to more challenging groups and levels to make sure they maximise their learning whilst with us.  Our extra lessons can be booked anytime and for any content if you feel you need more.  

Ready to get started?


1. Choose your course or a combination of courses that suit your needs 


General English Course (GE20)

20 lessons per week = 16 hours

09.00 - 12.20 (Mon - Fri)


Starts every Monday

International class

Focus on speaking, listening, grammar & writing

Average class size 10

All levels

Your syllabus




General Intensive English (GE29)

29 lessons per week - 22 hours

09.30 - 12.50 (Mon - Fri)
+ 13.30 - 15.55 (Tue - Thu)


Starts every Monday

International class

Focus on your specification

Average class size 5

All levels





One to One / Two to One lessons

Book as extra to compliment GE20, GE29 or BE29

OR on their own to maximise your learning

Flexible times (available from 08.00 till evening)

All levels

All content (Communication, grammar,  IELTS, Business, Professional, etc)





Do you need a Business English or work related course? 

Professional English

Business English

English for Executives

Study / Work Leave Course

Teacher development


Do you need a part time course?

Part time English course


Are you an AuPair?

AuPair English Course

2. Choose other services you might need

Do you need accommodation?

Do you need a transfer to and from the airport, or would you like to travel by public transport?

Would you like to see some places of culture, history or natural beauty whilst you are here? 


Use the example below to help you calculate the price:


Example of the price calculation for a 2 week General English Course:

Registration fee £50 
2 weeks of GE20 @ £165 per week = £330

Total £380


Add accommodation, transfer, excursions or other services you need.  Or contact us to give you a simple and clear quotation for everything you need.


3. Book your course


Once you decide on what you want simply book your course or contact us if you are still not sure and need our help.  Our job is to help you so let us help!


Maria from Germany

Maria from Germany

"Thank you so much for everything. My stay was short but I learnt a lot. I love the school and Worthing is a lovely town."

Johan from Switzerland

Johan from Switzerland

"First of all thank you to my teacher. He was more like a friend and it was very funny in the class. I learnt a lot. I was never bored. Now I know there is more to England than just football. ;-)"

Susanne from Austria

Susanne from Austria

"I am leaving this school with a jam-packed and fuzzy head and I will not be able to realise what an excellent course you supplied me with before my return home. Special thanks to the office staff who patiently answered all my queries with utmost friendliness."

Nicolai from Russia

Nicolai from Russia

"I have never been at a language school before but now I think it is the best thing you can do to improve your English. I can speak better and better. I spent lovely days in Worthing, at school as well as with my very friendly host family."

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