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Providing and inspiring speakers of other languages with greater opportunities in life through effective and enjoyable English language education on a world-wide basis. 


St. George's School has educated and inspired thousands of students since 2000 with a success and recommendation rate of 98%.  More than 30% of our customers return to us year after year.  


Our customer service excellence has also been recognised at the Business Excellence Forum 2016 where St. George's School of English was nominated for the 'Best Customer Service' category.  





"Hello. I am Silvia.  How lovely to meet you. I want to know so much about you but you came to this page to find out about who we are so read on, I won't interrupt... 


In 1995 I travelled to England for the first time.  As a foreigner coming from an ex-communist country, where travel or ‘new thoughts’ as well as learning English were not encouraged (to say the least), I was determined to improve the little English I had.  It is hard to believe today but in 1995, after the fall of the communist regime when the borders of Slovakia only just opened for travel and when learning English was only just permitted, I found myself living in an English town where there were no other speakers of my tongue language.  I realised very quickly that my spoken English improved far more in a short time in England than in the classroom in a year.  I decided to challenge my English language skills and registered for a course at University of Brighton.  I cannot tell you how hard I found it and how many times I cried during the first 3 months.  When I received my first grade (my first written assignment was marked with ‘C’ ) and my tutor told me not to be disappointed, because “you are a foreigner and they don’t usually get better marks”, my competitive spirit was crashed. A bit harsh, right?  This turned out to be the defining moment of my studies, I set new goals and raised the game.  It was jolly hard but I managed to finish the degree with top grades and was awarded the student of the year. 


There were times during my early years in England when I had nowhere to sleep, lived on £10 per week and worked 84 hours per week to support myself and my studies.  But all my struggles and believes led me to one point.  During my final year of University I set up a small language school called St. George’s School of English.  Being a great believer in education and opportunities that learning of English language opens I aimed to create a place offering just that to people who wished to learn and succeed.  I was lucky to have help and support of people I met on the way, and now I made it my duty to pay the favour forward by providing a ‘home away from home’ in which students can not only prosper and learn fast in an International environment, but also succeed in today’s global world.


Today St. George’s students can maximise the opportunities of the language and cultural learning that travel and education abroad offers.  This has been the philosophy of St. George’s since 2000 and helped us become what we are today, a successful and growing English language provider inspiring thousands of students every year."

Silvia Krivosik

BA (Hons) CIS, B. Ed.,EL Dip


"My name is Petra and I am the Office Manager at St. George’s School of English.


My love affair with English started with a book. It was just a small unassuming book. A black book. However, when you opened the book it did not read as any other books. It was not a story book. But for me, this book was the beginning of my amazing story, my incredible journey, on which I have met so many inspirational individuals, wonderful people, friends for life. That small book was my mum’s English dictionary and its words opened new meanings and new opportunities. It has opened the whole new world for me. I would like the English language to do the same for you!"



Petra Butler

Office Manager

"My name is Gemma, and I work as an Accommodation Administrator at St. George’s school of English. From an early age I enjoyed travelling to different countries, and meeting new people. I began my career at 18yrs old working at E.P.C.O.T centre in Walt Disney World, Florida, and went on to work for Disney Cruise Line. I was fortunate to meet and work with so many people from around the world and learn about their cultures. I have hosted students myself, and I truly believe St George’s and Worthing is a wonderful place to study."


Gemma Hegde

Accommodation Administrator

"I have lived in Worthing for 20 years and really enjoy living by the sea. I have 2 children, both boys, who keep me on my toes!. My passion has always been languages, I love to travel, learn about different cultures and people as well and enjoying some sunshine. In past years I have completed the “Warrior Run” twice, the Great South Run and the Vitality London 10k – the sense of achievement from completing these runs by far outweighs the intensity of the training and surviving the actual runs themselves!!"



Alex Lawler

Accommodation Administrator



✓   We truly care and are here to help you with all aspects of your studies with us; before, during and even after your studies

✓   Learn by traditional teaching methods where the students and teachers interact at all times  

✓   Learn from highly qualified and native English teachers
   Understand spoken English easier thanks to the clearest English accent spoken in our area​

  There are many opportunities to practice your English

✓   Start whenever it suits you, our courses are available all year round

✓   Learn at your level, pace and cover your language needs and content

✓   Meet students from different countries and of varied mix of nationalities in classes

✓   Feel comfortable in your accommodation, class and school thus making your learning more enjoyable and without worrying about anything else

   Share your experiences with your loved ones using our free high speed WIFI

✓   Enjoy a quite place to study in our self study rooms, with lots of extra study material at hand

✓   Relax, rest or socialise in a comfortable and relaxing student room or our beautiful English garden

✓   Be part of fun activities and enjoy excursions to amazing places like London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Arundel, Windsor, Bath, etc.

✓   Speak to a member of staff whenever you need to (and use our emergency number should you need us out of office hours)

✓   Enjoy life at your doorstep, central location of the school and close to sea, as well as the close proximity to many places of interest such as London, Brighton and other places of interest

✓   Great prices of living costs make Worthing a perfect location to enjoy more for less money

✓   Choose a course option to suit your budget at the most competitive prices





Worthing is situated on the south of England, placed between the beautiful South Downs and more than 5 miles of coastline which is the sunniest in the country.  The promenade with its marvellous Pier is a magnet to visitors who enjoy the beach for swimming, sunbathing, fishing and windsurfing. 


Visitors have been enjoying the facilities of Worthing since members of the Royal Family came here in the 18th century.  Kind Edward VII spent the summers between 1907 and 1910 at Beach House while Oscar Wilde found Worthing such a 'charming town' that he spent the summer and autumn of 1895 in the town while he wrote his famous play 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. In the modern era visitors of all types; holiday makers as well as students find Worthing a thriving centre with much to enjoy.


The town provides a great shopping experience, having department stores, covered and open markets as well as many specialist shops set in pedestrianised streets where you can also take a break in one of the many pavement coffee shops. 


Entertainment to suit every taste can be found in Worthing, which has superb theatres and cinemas as well as a mix of dance clubs, bars and cafes.  There are numerous restaurants offering a wide range of food including French, Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, etc. as well as more traditional English food.  Visitors can also enjoy our superb museum and art gallery or take a leisurely stroll in one of the beautiful parks and gardens or have a game of tennis or tenpin bowling or perhaps keep fit at the Sports Centre. 


Worthing is within easy reach of many places of interest to our students.  London is only 1 hour 20 minutes by train.  Other examples are Brighton with its fascinating Royal Pavilion, historic Arundel dominated by the massive castle, or Chichester the medieval walled capital of West Sussex, where art works by Chagall and Sutherland can be seen in the Norman Cathedral. Students always enjoy the Royal Navy Dockyard at Portsmouth with its unique collection of 16th 17th and 19th century ships.  All of these centres are 1 hour or less from Worthing by train. 


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